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Why Grow Your Business with Callmi?

Learn from the best of the best

Callmi is the Middle East’s first VC-backed mentorship platform, allowing us to onboard world-class mentors from MENA and across the globe to assist you with scaling your business.

Group session & 1:1 call options

There are several ways for you to receive value, and on your own time. Take part in our live group sessions, watch back the recordings, or schedule 1:1 calls with your mentors of choice.

Join a community of winners

Networking is at the forefront with Callmi, whether with mentors or other founders like yourself. Chat groups and in-person events will place you in a group of like-minded people.

Meet a Few of Our Expert Mentors

Jad Halaoui

Washmen, Co-founder & COO

Nelio Leone

Careem, Ex-Director

Suraya Turk

Legal Circle, Managing Partner

Siddiq Faird

Siddiq Faird

Smart Crowd, Founder

Tom Elvidge

WeWork, Ex-COO

Hamad Al Fahad

Tajawoz, Managing Partner

Hisham Albahar

Green Dome Investments, Managing Director

Youssef Salem

ADNOC Drilling, CFO

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